We tuned the new BMW M4 Competition G82, measured it on our dyno and did 100-200 km/h runs.

In this Episode of RaceChip Insights, we are going to walk you through the development of the Eisenmann Cat-Back Exhaust for our tuned Golf 8 GTI.

We had the chance to test the BMW M440i and develop our tune for it.

With the Golf 8 GTI Clubsport Volkswagen offered the most powerful and fastest GTI. It has more power, sound better and has better breaks than the regular GTI.

We got our hands on the brand new Audi S3 and we compared it to our tuned Golf 8 GTI.

The design of the new 430i is quite controversial but its performance is convincing. We tested the 2021 430i on our dyno and developed a tune for it.

Today we’re going to check the most common claims about throttle tuning. Therefore we used the Honda E to explain how it actually works.

Now after we developed the tune for it we’re going to show you the tuning results on our dyno and of course we’re gonna make 100-200 km/h runs to compare it to the stock times.

This week we tested the new Golf VIII GTI in stock. How much performance does the eighth generation really deliver?