Emotional, sportive, aggressive – this is how the Kia Stinger GT presents itself. The media is thrilled, but RaceChip wonders: Is that already everything? Or is there even more potential in this Korean car? Therefore RaceChip took a closer look at the Kia Stinger GT, with the goal to unleash its true potential.

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435 HP | 634 Nm | KW sport coilovers | HRE FF15 | Wrapping (SchwabenFolia)

676 HP | 794 Nm | KW Clubsport suspension | Akrapovič sports exhaust system | HRE R101 | Wrapping (SchwabenFolia)

505 HP | 1050 Nm | KW sport coilovers | O.Z. Superturismo Dakar | Wrapping (SchwabenFolia)

410 HP | 550 Nm | KW Clubsport suspension | O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT
| Wrapping (SchwabenFolia)