The BMW X4 M is said to be the sportiest SUV in its class, we’ve taken the new SUV coupe through its paces. The brand new S58 engine from BMW should be equipped with already 480 HP in stock.

We got our hands on the brand-new 2019 Ford Focus ST. Ford gave their newest breed 0.3l more cylinder capacity with a reworked version of the previous 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine…

The brand new BMW Z4 M40i has been released only a few weeks ago and we were already able to develop a performance increment. With a little over 400 HP, the Z4 becomes an even more serious sports car.

The break-in period of our Alpine A 110 is finally over! For us this means that we can check the stock performance of the french sports car: Dyno, tech-check and acceleration runs on the Autobahn!

The Q8 is Audis ticket to the SUV coupé game. But is a 3 liter diesel sufficient to power this flagship?

It’s almost a safe bet that Volkswagen will present the eight generation of the Golf in the next weeks. However, until it will be available in GTI trim, we’re gonna have to wait another few months.