505 HP | 1050 Nm | KW sport coilovers | O.Z. Superturismo Dakar | Wrapping (SchwabenFolia)

410 HP | 550 Nm | KW Clubsport suspension | O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT
| Wrapping (SchwabenFolia)

480 HP | 500 Nm | KW Clubsport suspension | Vossen VFS/1 | Wrapping (SchwabenFolia)

373 HP | 500 Nm | H&R sport coilovers | Einkei Izumo | Karztec Carbon Airbox | Edel01 sports exhaust system | Wagner intercooler | Wrapping

RaceChip Chiptuning, the market leader for electronic performance enhancement from Germany, will be presenting its brand new product portfolio at the Autosport International 2018 in Birmingham, from January 11th to January 14th.

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